Sunday, December 12, 2010


Snow! We've had a few flurries but today we had the first real snow of the season.
Sledding with Tori.
It was so windy the bird feeder was swinging all over the place. Crazy birds! Shouldn't you be hiding in a bush somewhere?
Making some Christmas crafts.
We've had lots of geese and birds migrating and every time Tori sees a group flying out the car window or in the back yard she gets so excited and yells "WHOA!" or jumps around and points. So I thought we should put out some seed and the birds attacked the feeder before we could even get inside, which she loved since they were so close. So we went for a walk and collected a couple of pine cones and made some old fashioned bird feeders with peanut butter and rolled in seeds for our birdie friends. What a fun little project!
Just 3 weeks into having tubes she already has another double ear infection! Her ears are draining like crazy again so she's getting drops in her ears three times a day. We finished one bottle and she was playing with it. She went right to her baby and put drops in her ears :) Such a good mommy!She's also started putting her baby in the booster seat and feeding her (I haven't broken the news to her yet that babies don't eat crackers). :)Oh Tori! She must have found a box of hot cocoa packets in the pantry (she can open the door now and pull things off the bottom shelves). She managed to tear one open and dump it on the floor. I found her drawing in the "sand." Its amazing how quickly she can get herself into such a mess!

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