Monday, December 6, 2010

A Visit with Santa

My Christmas Angel Waiting in line to see the big man!We sat down with Tori and Santa first just in case Tori didn't feel like sitting on Santa's lap.And good thing too.... oh my! Even after talking to him for a couple of minutes and a few pictures she didn't want anything to do with being left alone with Santa :)Goodbye's and a hug later she calmed down a bit.She liked this Santa much better. Don't worry, she didn't eat the whole thing (shared with mom and dad) but she wouldn't let anyone take the last little bit away from her! We weren't sure after how she did with Santa if she would be ok riding in the Christmas train since we couldn't go with her. It was only $1 so we figured if she didn't want to get on, no big deal. She sat in the engine with a couple of other kids. She let us put her on the seat and walk away which we were very surprised about.
And she LOVED it! She smiled and waved and giggled the whole time! She cried when it was over :)Here are a few pictures goofing off infront of the tree. We have the "Christmas room" blocked off with baby gates because once she's in there its like a tornado hits! She rips open gifts, pulls all the bows off the boxes, yankes down all the ornaments she can reach and shoves them in the gift bags (someone may get an extra gift this year, I think Im still missing a few!). We can't wait to see what she does Christmas morning!

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