Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Part 2

The Easter Bunny came to Tori's house!!!  It was an Elmo and bubble themed basket this year.
 She didn't really understand when we were telling her a bunny was going to come in the middle of the night and bring her a basket of goodies but boy did her face light up when she came down stairs and saw it :)

Then Nana and Uncle Jeff came over with another basket of goodies!  The picture is of her trying pop-rocks for the first time!  Her reaction was priceless.
 Nana spoiling Miss Tori with lots of goodies to eat.
 Yummy Easter breakfast at our house.  Then we went to church, which was a beautiful service!  It was like a party celebrating Jesus' rising!!
 Next we went to Grandpa Jim and Grandma Gina's house for lunch and a real egg hunt.
 Looking for eggs!  She did a great job looking for the eggs and would get so excited and sqeek when she found one by herself.
 Holy Cow!!!!  Jackpot!!
 Another big egg!
 Tori with her monster eggs :)  The orange one is almost as big as her!!
 With her cousins Olivia and Fletcher with their loot from the egg hunt!  So much fun!
Then we finished up the night at Grammy Pam's and PaPa Eddie's house for dinner and another gift bag for Tori :)  Mommy was tired from such and crazy weekend so I slacked off and didnt get any pictures!  (Bad mommy!)  We had a great weekend spending time with family and watching Tori rip into her toys and eggs.  She gets spoiled every holiday and loves it!  She makes every day more exciting and so much more fun!  We love her so much and so enjoy being her parents!!

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