Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Part 1

We had such a great Easter weekend!!  Im going to have to split this post into 2 pieces because we crammed so much into just a couple of days!  Friday night we dyed Easter eggs with Nana and Uncle Jeff.  The dyeing process was too slow and boring for miss tori so she got to paint her eggs!  She LOVED it!!

 The finished products!
 Saturday morning we went to an Easter egg hunt at Knight's.  They separated the hunts by age so miss Tori didn't get trampled.  So many eggs!!!

 Look what I got!!!
 Tori got to meet the Easter Bunny!!!  This meeting went so much better than Santa did! :)  She gave even gave him a hug!  I guess he looks a little more friendly, being that he's basically a big stuffed animal!
 Then Saturday afternoon we went to the Cardinals game with Uncle Jeff!!  There was a 70% chance of rain for the whole afternoon but we went anyway since it was Red Schoendienst Statue day.  It actually ending up being a pretty nice day until about the 8th inning.  And we were even winning when we left..... but yes we did lose that day and Tori's streak continues. 

 2 Gold Gloves awarded at the game!  Molina and Pujols :)
 Miss Tori had a great time and clapped for more than half of the game!  :)  She danced to each batter's walk up music and cheered each time we did!!

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