Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome Spring!!

We had a great weekend with beautiful weather!  We got tons of yard work done and even planted our first baby tree :)  I cant wait for May so I can start planting flowers!!  We went to St Louis for the day on Sunday and took some pictures at Forest park and went to the zoo.  Tori loves to see the animals and gets more excited every time we go!  This time she was so excited to see the monkeys and was making monkey sounds the whole time we were there :)

 There is a great ape sitting by the tree.... "MONKEY!"

 Saying "where did the monkey go?"
 Up close! 
Our next weekend off we have tickets for a Cardinals game and then Easter, then we have a little trip planned to Chicago, and in June we have a beach vacation!  We are so excited for the warm weather and spending lots of quality family time with our munchkin!

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