Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Two Weeks

I can't believe the twins are two weeks old already!  They are starting to be awake a little more each day and show their little personalities a little more.  Liam came down with pink eye (not sure how he got it, no one that we know has it!) and it looks awful but you'd never know he's not feeling well.  He's such a little trooper.  He loves to lay on our legs and just look around.  He barely ever makes a peep (even if he's hungry, he usually just makes little whiny sounds instead of crying).  Our little Lizzi is her big sister all over again.  Lizzi looks just like Tori did as a newborn with just a little lighter hair and different shaped eyes.  She is a little better at letting us know what she wants, which is usually to be held or fed.  She is such a little cuddler, loves to be held, and she smiles all the time in her sleep (love!).   

They are both very mellow babies and are great sleepers already!  After one week of waking them to eat every three hours around the clock we got permission to let them wake on their own at night (woo hoo!).  The pediatrician said we could let them go up to a 6 hour stretch without eating at night and most nights I still have to wake them both!  I can't wait to find out how long they will sleep when I can stop setting the alarm all together. 

Life with three kids under three has really not been as bad as we thought it would be.  You learn quickly how to pick up two babies that can't hold their own heads, and how to still manage to help your toddler up the stairs.  I've even managed to carry all three up the stairs together.  We're learning how to take care of the kid that's screaming the loudest or has the greatest need first, focusing on one problem at a time.  It hasn't happened very often yet that more than one child needed something important.  Tori has been great about being patient while I feed the twins or finish what I'm doing until she gets what she wants (if it's something trivial).  We're also learning the importance of showing the older child how much we love her and that she is such a big helper.  Play time is so much more now, it is a time to show her that not all things have changed and a way to show her positive attention. 

Brian unfortunately has to go back to work on Monday :(  I am so sad to be losing his help every day plus it was nice to spend so much time together.  I know things will be harder but we will adjust.  I am so thankful that the twins are such good sleepers because I know I will lose my daily nap!  haha.  Here are a few pictures of mommy, daddy, and the twins just hanging around the house.  Hopefully we will still have down time occasionally to just enjoy the babies and do nothing else. 

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