Friday, February 10, 2012

Delivery Day!!!

At my 37 week appointment my doctor decided to induce since I was continuing to dilate but hadn't gone into active labor.  I had contractions most of the pregnancy (common with twins) but they never got organized on their own.  We went to St John's Hospital at 5am on Saturday Feb 4th for the induction.  They started by monitoring the babies' heart rates for around 30 minutes, drawing labs and setting up.  Then I was checked and found to be 5cm, and the pitocin was turned on around 6:30 am.  My ob arrived around 7am and ordered the epidural, and then broke Liam's water to help get things going.  I never felt labor!!  It was fabulous :)  I slept most of the morning since I was comfortable laying down for the first time in months!  Around noon my ob checked me and said we were ready to move to the OR!  They always deliver twins in the OR because the risk of an emergency c section with one or both of the babies but my Dr was very confident that we wouldn't have any issues.      
 The OR staff was still setting up when we were wheeled in, but Liam refused to wait!  They had to rush because he almost came out on his own!  It only took 1 push and it wasn't even a good one because one of the nurses made me laugh in the middle of it :) 
 William James Davis born 12:24pm weighing 6 pounds even and 19 inches long.
 We waited a couple of contractions for Lizzi to move into position and did a quick sonogram to make sure she was doing well and not stressed by the birth of her twin.  She was perfect, and 5 pushes later she came out screaming!  Elizabeth Lynn Davis was born at 12:33pm at 6 pounds 2 ounces and 19 inches long.
 The Davis Twins!
 Meeting Liam for the first time <3
 Meeting Lizzi for the first time <3
 Proud parents :)
We could not have asked for an easier labor and delivery!  Recovery has even been very easy!  I have my energy back, never even filled my pain meds, and am so much more comfortable now.  Both babies are in perfect health despite being twins and being 2 1/2 weeks early.  All of the doctors and nurses kept telling us during the remainder of our stay that we made it look so easy and that it was so amazing to see a twin delivery go so smoothly! 

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